Favorite things: Beautyworkers Quiz 

Hello beauties,

We think you already know more or less who we are and what we do here. We are two Portuguese girls who met in college, and we found out early on that we both had very similar tastes – especially commenting on event looks! We both like fashion, makeup and skincare.

When we finished college, we kept in touch and always liked to talk about everything that was connected to beauty. Of course, the friendship we built was a great factor for us to keep in touch. And one day, in a conversation, we thought ‘why don’t we create a blog?’. Our goal was simple, to write what we like to read on a blog when we research a particular product.

Because the truth is, who doesn’t research opinions about a product they are thinking about buying? Well, we’ve always done that, and we continue to do it… This way we sincerely hope to help you and make life easier for you!

After these years, we are very happy with the success we have, although this is a ‘part-time’ and occupies us for a long time, the truth is that we have already made collaborations that have made us very proud and that we never thought we could achieve. Your words and visualizations make us very happy, you can’t even imagine how rewarding it is to see a like or a visualization!

Therefore, we thank you for all your support and today we wanted to write something different, a post in quiz style. We would also like to know a little more about you, and if you want you can comment and answer some of these questions, or if you are more shy, you can send us an email. 

Thank you for being there, we hope you like it!

The song we listen to when we need a boost? 

Rita: There are so many, but I can think about two – Selena Gomez & Raul Alejandro Baila Conmigo and RFS Du Sol Underwater. 

Joana: I love music, and there are so many songs that I like to listen in different occasions. But right now Bam Bam from Camila Cabello & Ed Sheeran always put me in a good mood.

Our Favorite book?

Rita: I have so many but there’s one that has a special place in my heart – Kiss an Angel from Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Joana: OMG! I am not sure if I can choose just one. Like music I read a lot of different kind of books, but maybe the collection Black Jewel from Anne Bishop still has a special place in my heart, and I read it many years ago…

Our go to feel recipe?

Rita: I absolutely love to eat and make some Butter cookies, I dare say that over the years I have perfected the recipe and nowadays when I make them they only last a few hours in my house.

Joana: I´m a foodie. I’m always researching for new recipes. I´m not sure what is my number one recipe, but maybe my pecan cheesecake. When I do, everyone loves it.

What never fails to make us smile?

Rita: My dog, I love her. 

Joana: The same as Rita. My dog.

Songs that makes us feel sexy?

Rita: Doja Cat Streets, Shakira La Tortura and Normani Wild Side.

Joana: Humm that is a hard one. I don’t see myself as a sexy person. But maybe the classic Tik Tok from Kesha.

Our favorite at home workout?

Rita: I love Pilates at home, I did it a few years ago, stopped and recently started doing it again.

Joana: I train everyday at home, and I do yoga, pilates, hit, dance or strength workouts.

Our favorite beauty routine?

Rita: cleaning my skin when I get home from work. I can’t go to bed with a dirty face. I just can’t.

Joana: My night skincare routine. Doesn’t matter the hours, I do every single night.

Favorite face mask?

Rita: I can think about two Sand & Sky Porefining Clay mask because it really helps calming some breakouts and Martiderm Urban detox face mask because the skin looks perfect after using it.

Joana: The Martiderm face sheets masks. I have been doing and loving. Especially the hydration and urban detox mask.

Another song that makes us happy?

Rita: Again, I can think about ten then as soon as it starts on the radio, I have to turn up the sound – Sonic Silk Leave the Door Open, Dua Lipa We’re Good and anything from George Michael.

Joana: Each time I’m feeling sad or down, I put Wonderful Life of Katie Melua. It never goes wrong.

Our favorite smell?

Rita: Lavender and clean sheets.

Joana: New books. I absolutely the smell of a new book.

The movie we can’t ever be tired of watching?

Rita: I normally don’t watch the same movie too many times, but I like to see Howl’s Moving Castle from time to time. This movie really calms me down!

Joana: Like Rita, I don´t usually see a movie a lot of times. From time to time I like to see Harry Potter, I don’t know if counts like as my favorite movie.

The Netflix show we tell everyone to watch!

Rita: Crash Landing on You! Absolutely brilliant! The story, the contrast between the countries, the culture and the outfits from the main character. 

Joana: I think Emily in Paris. Is a light series that I think everyone will like.

Until next time xoxo

Comment or send us an email to beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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