Vacation Mode: Zanzibar Outfit Edition

Hello Beauties,

I am back from a wonderful vacation in Zanzibar.

My vacations were amazing, I had a lot of fun. I rested, caught some sun, enjoyed the local food and traditions, visited some places and even did a safari in Tanzania. Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you everything, and give you some tips.

But today’s post is about what I wore in Zanzibar, more precisely, the outfits that I picked for the dinners in the resort. Usually I like to dress a little more fancy at night. It’s not an obligation, but is an excuse to put some clothes that I don’t wear on my daily basics.

Travel Outfits.

For the long flights I picked comfortable clothes. A pair of Levis mom jeans, my beloved Tommy Hilfiger sneakers and two blouses. The Yellow is from Guess and the bejewels are from Mango. I´m not the type of girl to wear sports wear on planes, even knowing that they are comfortable. I prefer to be ready for unexpected occasions.

Night 1 – I was so pale on the first day that I picked my most covered and dark colors for the first dinner at Zanzibar. (blouse – Rinsta; Skirt – Pinko; Sandals – Prof)

Night 2 – The hotel has three themed restaurants. On the second night, we went to a Greek themed restaurant, so I thought that a more greenish fancy dress would be the perfect outfit. (dress – Hazel ; sandals – Guess)

Night 3 – I went with a more Island style outfit with this Stradivarius dress. I just put a red lip with the Honest Beauty lipstick to give a little elegance to the outfit.

Night 4 – Second themed restaurant – the Krystal fusion restaurant. I chose a Zara embroidered Zara dress. I was on vacation so the comfort of my feet was a must, so I paired with my Michael Kors sandals.

Night 5 – The last themed restaurant of the hotel. The steakhouse restaurant, where I ate so many delicious lobsters. I chose a green outfit from Atelier Fusion, a portuguese brand, pairing with Michael Kors sandals.

Night 6 – Last night of this amazing vacation, I used an old outfit that I have for a while, but still so modern and perfect for this type of vacation. The pants are from the brand Fracomina and the blouse from Coquelicot..

I did two excursions. I took from my bucket list the safari, having the chance of doing one in Tanzania. To go I chose what I had that most approached a “safari outfit”, because it was an unexpected opportunity, and I didn’t think doing it. The hat is from this year’s collection of Parfois. The sneakers are the same as my travel outfit, the beige pants from Zara and blouse from Guess.

The second day tour was to visit the capital of Zanzibar, the sanctuary of the turtles, snorkeling and visit the spices Farm. To visit the city, we should be more covered, especially having something covering the shoulders and not wear a mini mini skirt. I decided for this Calzedonia cover up, using a belt to have more figure.

What do you think of my picks?! Do you like the outfits?


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