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Hello beauties,

We all know that in summer our skin needs protection. We’ve been showing you Bali Body’s products, and you know how much we love their products! This is an Australian brand that’s cruelty free, and their work ethics is something that we really stand for.

Last week, we showed you their Tanning oils. You know we love a good tanning oil and that summer glow that only an oil can provide, but there was something lacking in their tanning oils, a strong SPF. Because let’s be real, all these changing environments are causing a lot of problems in our skin and something that we all need is protection!

Luckily Bali Body is always one step ahead because guess what’s their new range? A SPF50, of course! And today is their launch day!!

I prefer SPF 50 in my daily routine because I live in an area where the UV can vary from day to day and the sun exposure can be quite high so, I want to know that I am protecting myself in the best way possible. Even more because I have very light and along with that, sensitive skin! But this doesn’t mean I don’t like a good tanning oil, because I do! I like to use both! And let me tell you these Bali Body products complement each other very well!

The new SPF50 range contains three new products and we are going to talk a little bit about each one!


Bali Body Hydrating Body Sunscreen SPF50+

Price & Packaging

The Hydrating Body Sunscreen SPF50+ retails for 22.95€ and is available at Bali Body’s website. This formula is packaged in a simple and clean pump tube packaging. The baby blue color of the packaging is beautiful, chick and ideal for traveling. The pump provides a convenient means of dispensing the product. The pump also allows to keeps the product sanitary and clean over time. 


This body sunscreen has a lightweight texture that melts into the skin quickly. It feels instantly hydrating. If you like a ‘dry touch’ feeling then this is for you! This is my ideal texture for daily sunscreen because I don’t have time to spend applying sunscreen or wait for it to absorb before I get dressed. Also, no one likes a greasy or sticky residue remaining on the skin. Something that’s important to refer to is that it contains UVA & UVB protection, and is water resistant up to 4 hours. This is something that you always have to look at in a sunscreen! 

Enriched with Vitamin E to soothe the skin and Aloe Vera to boost moisture & smooth skin, this sunscreen is suitable for everyday use. 


Bali Body Face & Body Sunscreen Spray SPF50+

Price & Packaging

The Face & Body Sunscreen Spray retails for 26.95€ and is available at Bali Body’s website. The sunscreen is packaged in a simple spray tube with a gorgeous blue color. The tube contains 211mL of product, which is a very reasonable quantity of product. This style of packaging is ideal for this type of lightweight sunscreen, and it’s ideal for traveling. At first it looks strange to spray your face with sunscreen, but don’t be scared, it’s really easy, simple, and quick! my advice is to not spray the face directly, instead appt some product in the hands and then apply it in the face.

How to use it

Shake well before use. Hold the bottle 10×15 cm away from your body & face and spray a generous amount to exposed, dry skin 20 minutes before sun exposure. 


This sunscreen has a delightfully lightweight liquid texture that blends into the skin quickly and leaves no residue or texture.It absorbs very quickly and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky or leaves any residue on the skin. I don’t notice any white cast, which is something important if you have medium/dark skin tone. It just leaves the skin feeling very hydrated, all due to the Vitamin E and Glycerin to keep skin soft, smooth and protected. It’s suitable for everyday use and just like the Hydrating Body sunscreen it protects against UVA + UVB while being water resistant for up to 4 hours. 


Bali Body Hydrating Face Sunscreen SPF50+

Price & Packaging

The Hydrating Face sunscreen retails for 26.95€ and is available at Bali Body’s website. The Bali Body Hydrating face sunscreen SPF50+ comes in a beautiful baby bootle that brings 50mL. A normal size for a face screen, and good to be carried in a bag everyday. This product is not to be just used in summer but also in winter. Yes, everyone should use a sunscreen all year round.


The texture is a fluid milk, but not too watery. When applied, it’s quickly absorbed into the skin. It’s easy to apply and it doesn’t get greasy, on the contrary, it has almost a matte finish. It took less than a minute to be fully absorbed, and it leaves the skin with a smooth touch. Enriched with Vitamin E and Glycerin to nourish and hydrate skin, it provides the enough hydration without leaving a heavy feeling.All skin types can use this product, even the sensitive ones. It is fragrance free and vegan friendly. 

It has protection against UVA and UVB broad spectrum in a lightweight formula.The formula goes well with other skincare products, and it does not affect makeup, which is very important. I did the test and it passed!

Bali Body SPF 50+ Range

Final thoughts

SPF is really important in skincare and everyone can use and should use in their routine! Who doesn’t need the benefits of a strong SPF sunscreen? We all want healthier, smoother, and protected skin! And on top of good protection, we have amazing formulas! All three products are advertised as fragrance free but you can feel the pleasant scent of a SPF product. Very faint but it is there! It smells like summer and the beach, it will leave your skin with a good scent all day! 

Now, let’s talk about prices! They are very nice for the quality of these products and the best is that if you pair the products, you save 10% of the price (click here)!

We have loved including these in our daily routine. We can’t recommend the three products enough! They are in a league of their own with the quality and formula. Once you try these, you will thank us! Just the scent is enough to leave you wanting more. They are truly beautiful products for everyone to enjoy and be protected while catching some deserved sun!

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4 thoughts on “New Bali Body SPF50 Range | Review | 

    1. It’s really good and I promise this is not an ad eheh my favorite is the hydrating body sunscreen because it has a matte finish that I love. The face & Body (aerosol) is the one I’ve been using more, it’s simple to use and it makes the skin glossy and looking so healthy for hours! In Portugal, you can find some body oils in Sephora’s (online and actual stores), but the SPF range for now it’s only available online (we have the direct link to the website in the post).

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