Maybelline Mascara Showdown! Which is the best?

Hello Beauties

Today´s post is completely different from all the posts that we have written on this blog. This is an informative post that I´m sure you will save for the future to search and read again when you have a doubt about the Maybelline mascaras.

To take all the confusion out of the way, Maybelline doesn’t know we exist and that this post was created. But Maybelline should contract my mother as their model for mascaras. Why?!

This idea came from looking at my mom for years. She has a ritual and it took at least half an hour just to do the eyes. And, she utilizes more than four different types of mascaras in one session. Oh, just for curiosity my mother has blonde hair and big green eyes. Just for you to imagine the eye look she creates.

No, I´m not going to show the technique that my mom uses. The idea for this post is to show you all the Maybelline mascaras in my brown eyes, for you to see in real life what they look like.

Do you like the idea?

So let’s start this Maybelline showdown!

Maybelline Ciglia Sensazionali Luscious

  • Fan effect;
  • Soft and denser lashes.

Maybelline Colossal Big Shot

  • wavy bristles to move the lashes in a zig zag pattern;
  • extra collagen to give a boost of volume;
  • Mega volume.

Maybelline Colossal 100% black

  • Mega bristle brush;
  • Collagen-infused formula;
  • Big volume;
  • Intense black

Maybelline Colossal Longwear mascara

  • waterproof;
  • mega bristle brush;
  • collagen-infused formula
  • mega volume
  • 36 hours of utilization.

Maybelline Ciglia Sensazionali effetto ventaglio

  • Longwear mascara;
  • Big volum;
  • huge lenght;

Maybelline Classic Vollum express mascara

  • Anti clumping brush;
  • Instant three times more volume;
  • Long-lasting uniform finish

Maybelline Volum express turbo boost

  • Full – volum;
  • Intense color;
  • Anti-clumping;

Maybelline Lash Explosion Volume express

  • eight times more volume;
  • Anti – clumping lashes;
  • No lumps;
  • Lenght the lashes

Maybelline Total temptation Mascara waterproof

  • Infused with a coconut extract;
  • Bold buildable volum;
  • separated lashes;
  • dense lashes;


Final thoughts

What do you think? I like all of them, but I have three favorites. The Total Temptation waterproof, the Maybelline Ciglia Sensazionali effetto ventaglio and the Maybelline Ciglia Sensazionali Luscious, and the one I like the least is Maybelline the Colossal Longwear mascara. I like the effect, but it smudges too much in my eyes.


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