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Hello beauties,

Put your hand in the air if you want to know how to add elegance to the pieces of clothing you already have in your wardrobe! We want each other! And that’s why when we found out that British stylist and YouTuber Lydia Tomlinson, with more than 340,000 subscribers on her channel, shared on her channel an infallible method – the Sandwich method!

Instagram @lydiatomlinson

This method aims to teach how to combine proportions and colors effectively!

What is the sandwich method?

Imagine the outfit like a sandwich, with a filling between two slices of bread. Similar pieces on top and bottom and something different in the middle.

According to the trick, the top bread will be a coat, a sweater or even an overcoat, while the pants or skirt symbolize the filling, and the shoes are the slice of bread that is underneath.

The ‘stuffing’ should be different to create coherence and harmony.

Source: Pinterest

As for the proportions, these are important to contrast the final aspect. The secret? “Opt for something wider on top and bottom, such as an xxl coat and thick ankle-soled boots, paired with tight pants in the middle.”

Source: Pinterest

What do you think of this method? Are you ready to follow this idea?

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2 thoughts on “The Secret Every Women Need to Know  | Style Tips |

    1. I agree with you! I don’t believe that’s a formula that will work for everyone, but for the majority I think it works! I tried to recreate the idea from the photos and it worked pretty well. I took some photos using the style and it looked good, in the end it makes sense:)

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