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Hello beauties,

If you asked us about the best role of poise and grace, our answer would be Her Majesty The Queen. This year, she celebrates 70 years of public service and just by that we think she’s amazing! 

Another amazing thing about Her Majesty is the style, the classic fashion moments that she’s been offering us countless times are phenomenal! Who can forget the monochromatic looks and the purple/green combination that she trended before everyone?

Along with that we can’t help but notice how good her skin looks and the makeup that always stays in place! There’s has to be a secret, right?

We needed to know all of her beauty secrets, and we found that the majority of the products are surprisingly budget friendly!

These products were never promoted by the Queen, can you imagine the Queen in an interview saying what’s her favorite shampoo or moisturizer? But we can deduce thanks to her Royal Warrants. It’s known that some brands like Clarins and Elizabeth Arden have the privilege of supplying products to the royal family and there’s a Zum Zum about what the Queen likes. 

One thing that’s known for sure is that the Queen loves Essie Nail Polish in the shade Ballet Slippers (£7,99). We know this because Essie’s website proudly states that the Queen’s hairdresser wrote a letter in 1989 to founder Essie Weinbarten requesting a bottle of the iconic shade. We can understand why, this is a pale pink that goes with everything and we know the Queen loves a good colored outfit!

Essie Nail Polish in the shade Ballet Slippers

There’s also been reported that the Queen commissioned the well known brand Clarins to create a red lipstick for her to wear at her coronation in 1953, so we assume this is most likely her favorite brand for lipsticks.

According to Hello magazine, if you ever stay at the Balmoral Castle then you will notice that the bathrooms are fully stocked with Molton Brown’s products. It is rumored that the Queen’s favorite is the Orange & Bergamot Bath and Shower Gel (£22). 

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Bath & Shower Gel

Floris London has an important paper as a Royal Warrant, so it’s like putting two plus two that this perfume brand is probably one of the Queen’s favorites! There’s rumors that the Queen wore the White Rose (£60) perfume on her wedding day. And it’s known how loyal the Queen is to brands, so we can guess that she probably wears it until this day. If you are thinking about coping with the Queen, the best way to describe this perfume is to say that it has notes of roses, iris, warm amber and rich, earthy musk.

Floris London White Rose

Last but not least, six years ago, a press representative of Elizabeth Arden’s brand, confirmed that the brand liaises with Angela Kelly. If you don’t know who she is, don’t worry, we didn’t either. She’s the Queen senior dresser. Because of that, it’s rumored that the Queen’s skin condition is so flawless because she religiously uses the Eight Hour cream (£28).

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

What do you think? Did the Queen surprise you with her choices? 

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