RINSTA collaboration 

Hello beauties,

It’s our third collaboration with RINSTA, a clothing brand that we have been enjoying to explore more and more. They are nice enough to send us clothes from time to time for us to try, and this time we thought of showing you the pieces that we picked styled with clothes that we have in our closet. While you are reading this post, and if you are curious, check our previous collaborations, the first one here and the second here.

Joana´s choices

From the selection available, I’m happy with my picks.

When I was choosing, I thought the two pieces would look good together, but after trying them, I changed my mind.

The shorts have a more classic vibe, instead of the shirt which is a younger and more casual style. Both have good quality. The shorts have a light fabric that is almost see-through so my advice is to not use neon or black panties. The shirt impressed me with the quality of the fabric. It’s thick and soft at the touch. Not a cheap fabric at all, better than some well-known stores.

Looks with the shorts

As I said when I look at the shorts I see a more classic look, so I decided to give you some ideas of an outfit for a date or fine dining with these two looks using the shorts.

The detail of the laces gives the shorts a nice touch. The length is appropriate for a lady in their 30s or more.

Looks with the shirt

With the shirt, I tried to give you some ideas for a more casual vibe, like going to Festivals, or having lunch with the girls. or a nice walk on a beautiful day in the park. In resume, these are looks for an everyday.

Rita’s choices

I‘m torn. I can’t say that I’m 100% happy about what I chose, but I’m not mad. and I’m going to explain why…

The top

My first impression of this top was negative. I found it too simple for the price, after all this is a short cotton top with some cuts. The color is not my favorite because it’s pretty much my skin color. I thought ’if you look from afar, it looks like I’m naked’. But then I tried the top and saw it with other eyes.

The material is really good. It’s good cotton, soft and I don’t sweat too much in it and it doesn’t smell bad after a day using it, which sometimes happens when the composition is with bad cotton or cheap polyester. The cuts are really flattering. The color is still not my favorite, but I can use it. I can’t wait to try it with a tan!

The skirt

I don’t think I can call this a regular skirt, because this is more a mini skirt. I do know that this year the mini skirts came to slay, Miu-Miu’s new collection is the proof, but I have to be honest, although I love a good mini skirt, this one is too mini even for me! In its defense, the quality is great, I wasn’t expecting such quality!

Will I use it? Yes, I think I can use it in my next vacation, but I have to be honest, this is something that I know I won’t be using a lot.

I have a very similar skirt from Zara that I love, the style and cut is very similar but the Zara skirt, although it is mini, has a more appropriate length.

Top and Skirt- Zara


Joana – Top (here) size XS ; Shorts (here) size XS

Rita – Top (here) size XS ; Skirt (here) size S

What do you think? What’s your favorite piece?

Comment down below or send us an email to beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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