10 Mascaras to Beat this Heat

Hello beauties,

We don’t know how the weather is where you are, but here in Portugal it’s been crazy. We are having cold mornings and hot afternoons. But from what we saw, next week will be hot and crazy!

Something that we can’t leave without is mascara, but humidity, workouts, and just the plain old water can be the worst enemies when it comes to this type of makeup.

What do we need? Waterproof mascaras! These products contain a formulation that prevents the waxy pigments from going rogue and keep lashes looking thick, long, and lifted for hours (without smudging, caking or flaking). If you want to cry (tears of joy, of course), you can (and you should), without worrying that you’ll look like a panda!

But is there a perfect waterproof mascara? Ehhh that’s quite difficult to say because it all depends on the person. But there’s some mascaras that work overall for everyone. 

What do you need to look at? One that lengthens and darkens lashes without feeling crispy, one that stays out but doesn’t require taking the eyes off to remove. 

So begins, panda eyes because we are here to give you a bye bye with these mascaras.

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