Is this the best lip liner I ever tried?

Hello beauties,

Maybe I’m living under a rock or not, but I only discovered the makeup brand Delilah this year and how good it is.

Last Christmas, I received the Delilah Lip Liner, and since that time I have been using it non-stop.

I decided to write this post, because I already used some lip liners, and some pretty expensive ones, from luxury brands, and I think that the Delilah Lip Line is the best that I ever tried.

But let’s start by talking a little about this product.

Delilah Cosmetics is a brand certified by PETA, which means that’s a cruelty free brand. Doesn’t test on animals. It’s also a vegan brand, and all their products are made paraben free.

The product that I’m reviewing is the Delilah Lip Line Long Wear Retractable Lip Pencil.

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It is a waterproof pencil, with a soft creamy texture, that stays in the lips for more than 12 hours without smudge or fade. It comes in three colors, and the one that I have is called Buff – a beautiful nude that enhances the color of my lips, making them look fuller and plump.

The 1st image shows my natural lips, in the 2nd and 3rd image shows my lips with the Delilah Lip Liner in color Buff

It can be used just to trace the lips, like I do, or to make a little of an outline to make them appear bigger. Both techniques have the same second step that is to paint the rest of the lips with a nude lipstick.

The lip line is on sale for 24,95€ and brings


It’s the first lip line that I use that I feel it’s a friendly user lip liner. The precision of the point is good and you just need to pass once to stay there.

The color is stunning and really stays all day. I do the lip liner first and then I use a gloss or a lipstick. After a couple of hours the lipstick is gone but I still see the lip liner. It can also be used alone, which is also pretty.

Now, I’m interested in seeing the rest of the products of this brand, because I’m so happy with this one that I expect a lot of good things from the rest of the line.

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