L’Oréal Metal Detox

Hello beauties,

At the beginning of the month, I decided to test two samples, that I already had a few weeks ago in my “untested” drawer. I’m talking about L’Oréal Pro’s Metal Detox range.

My hair is dry, I color the roots every month, and before going on vacation, I decided to try this range and see what it’s about. Perfect time to try a new range, right? Joke on me, because spoiler alert, I liked them (very much indeed)!

The truth is that at first glance, I thought it was a range exclusively for blond hair, but it can be used by all women (and men)!


The L’Oréal Metal Detox Shampoo and Mask retail for (around) 25€ each and are available at Lookfantastic (Europe), and Loja do Shampoo (Portugal). The Shampoo is housed in a white/pearl plastic bottle with a black lid. It’s a clean and anesthetic packaging. The Metal Detox Mask comes in a normal mask package, also white/pearl, and with a black lid.

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It’s not innovative, and we see it in some other hair masks, but that’s the only way to condition a hair mask because of the thickness and the texture of the product. Most importantly, it serves the important function of controlling how much we take. The scent of this line is phenomenal, it’s rich and has that ‘mark scent that I love so much when it comes to hair products.


This range promises to decrease hair breakage by 87%, longer-lasting color, and 2x more shine. Washing after washing, metal particles present in the water, such as copper, can penetrate your hair fibers, can attack the integrity of the fiber, and cause a color change. At high concentrations, it can create a risk of breakdown and cause the appearance of undesirable reflexes.

The secret of the formula in this range is Glicoamine, a molecule that tracks and neutralizes the metal inside the fiber.


There are two ‘protocols’:

Protocol 2 steps at home: 1. Metal Anti-Deposit Cleaning Shampoo, 2. Metal Anti-Deposit Protective Mask.

Home ’Protocol’

3-step protocol in salon: 1. neutralization of the Metal (Professional pretreatment that neutralizes the metal before the staining, balayage and discoloration service), 2. Metal Anti-Deposit Cleaning (with Professional Shampoo that detoxifies the hair after technical service), 3. Anti-Metal Deposit Protection (with the Professional Conditioner & Mask, to prevent future metal deposit).

Salon ’Protocol’


As I said at the beginning, I tried a sample of the shampoo and mask before going on vacation. I had colored my hair about 3 weeks ago, so my color was already a little faded (I’m a fake redhead). What I noticed was that the hair was easier to handle, the brushing took half the time, and the hair looked fresh and smooth for about 4/5 days without any problem. But I must say that what surprised me the most was the change in the hair color. As I said, the hair color was faded, and whenever I looked in the mirror I could swear that the color became lighter, less yellowish, and more uniform! I’m very sorry I didn’t take a picture of my hair before I used these products, but the truth is that I never thought I’d notice such a big color difference.

I have discolored hair (mainly in the ends) and some highlights, and I think these products worked mainly in these but I could swear I also saw a difference in the ginger parts. It took the yellowish in the color, making it more uniform!

I’ve said this once, and I will say it again. We should give priority to quality instead of quantity. It is preferable to buy less and better than a lot with poor quality. This range is not very cheap, it’s true, but I noticed that a little goes very far.

I tried to contact L’Oréal to ask some questions about this range, but unfortunately, they didn’t answer me, so the question remains if this range works on ginger hair with coloration as well. I think so, and I’m going to buy both the shampoo and the mask to retest after a coloring. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know everything, so you just have to follow us on Instagram (@beautyworkerslife).

Have you tried this range? What do you think?

Comment down bellow or send us an email to beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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