Is it good to refrigerate your skincare products?

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It’s common knowledge that icing your skin is a way to reduce inflammation and tighten the appearance of pores. But when it comes to throwing your skincare products into the refrigerator can you guarantee that’s safe? And are there any benefits in doing this?

If you follow skincare gurus, you probably saw their mini skincare fridges, and the truth is that they are so cute and all. But the question remains: what are the benefits of doing this?

The practice became popular in recent years, however there’s a little confusion as to what this actually does (if it does anything at all). 

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What is the big fuss about?

The cooling effect. We all know that keeping your products cool isn’t necessary, but it’s also known that sometimes cooler products might feel more soothing and refreshing. This is important, make sure they’re not too cold. Remember that cold temperatures can damage the skin’s barrier and lead to dilation of blood vessels in skin. 

Remember that skincare companies perform stability testing on their products to know their self life without compromising its performance and safety. So if the product doesn’t say that it must be kept in the fridge, you don’t necessarily need to put it in there. 

Sometimes extreme temperatures (high and low) can cause the formula to break down or separate. This often happens in the summer, but it can also happen if the temperature is too low. 

What products can benefit the cold?

Like we said in the beginning, cool products can reduce redness, puffiness, and even inflammation. So there are some products that can benefit the coolness, like eye gels, serums and some masks.  It does not creams, even more if they are moisturizing creams. 

Remember, you can cool gel-based and even sheet masks because you will benefit from the de-puffing effect. 

Because Vitamin C can lose its properties when exposed to heat and light, refrigerating it can prevent its efficacy. 

When it comes to skincare tools, the story is completely different, because you can and should refrigerate them! They can really help reduce swelling and puffiness. But to avoid burning the skin, if you see that it’s too cool, leave it a minute out of the refrigerator before using it.


Your mini fridge will likely not ruin your skincare products, unless it’s extremely cold. 

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