Ideas for Birthday Outfits

Hello beauties,

You can belong to one of these types of persons : you love your birthday or you hate it! I am between them. I used to love my birthday, but now that I’m older I don’t like it so much. Something that I like is the memories and the celebration of it. Things like getting together with friends or family, eating a good chocolate cake without worrying about the sugar, or even knowing that on this day I can use my new cute outfit. 

When I was younger, I remember my mother and family gathering and buying me new clothes for this day. Sometimes I would have my birthday outfit a month before the actual birthday. It was amazing cutting the tags on the day and knowing that I was using something new from head to toe. And today, I still love having at least one piece of clothing that’s new and special for that day.  It makes me feel special and like a million bucks.

That said, if you are looking for birthday outfits ideas and some inspiration, we got you covered. We served some outfits that we would love to use on this day, and hopefully they will make you feel the main character in your special day!

Lace all the way

Beautyworkers blog

It’s your birthday, elaborate is the goal and if you like to look romantic and chic, lace is for you! It’s perfect for a nice dinner with friends or family. 

Like a professional babe

Beautyworkers blog

We love a good blaze all year but there’s something so chic and all the celebrities love this trend (take a look at Hailey Bieber, the blazer Queen!). You can use an oversized blazer as a dress, or a tailored blazer that will show all your curves! And if you have to play professionally before your party, this is a great idea. 

Now everything’s Technicolor 

Beautyworkers blog – Day look
Beautyworkers blog – Night Look

Why choose one color outfit, when you can have them all? There are no rules when it comes to fashion , so mix and match! Crash colors and patterns, the sky’s the limit. We present you two looks, one for the day with two colors (purple and orange) that are gorgeous alone but when we pair them together…oh la la! the sendo look, is a dress that we promise that will break necks.

I’m a Barbie girl

Beautyworkers blog – Day Look
Beautyworkers blog – Night look

This year Pink is the new black, so use and abuse of this trend. Rock the hot pink look for a cute birthday outfit. Or chose a cute pink dress, like this one from designer David Koma (I am in love with this dress OMG)!

Chilling on the couch

Beautyworkers blog

If you are going to celebrate your birthday at home, you can’t go wrong with a festive pair of pajamas. If your birthday is on a weekend, invite your friends and do a party with ‘Netflix and chill’ theme, where everybody has to wear pajamas! More can’t go more comfy than that!


Beautyworkers blog

Tulle is a trend that’s taking over in 2022, so this is the perfect opportunity to honor your inner child and step into some tulle skirts. More is better and have fun!

Sparkle baby!

Beautyworkers blog

You want all eyes on you? Use something with glitter and sequins that will make you shines meters away! Who doesn’t love some bling bling? yes! then multiply it by ten! This is your day to shine (in all senses).

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