7 Beauty Products that are probably older than your mother

Hello beauties,

You mom may take thirty minutes to type a text back but never doubt her beauty routine. The truth is that there are some products that have been around since way before she was born, and their results can be equal to some of the latest launches!

We searched for products that have been around for years and the best is that they work. Check down below some of these. 

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  • Price: 4€
  • Best for: Dry, dehydrated skin

Many people swear this is ‘the dupe’ for the (very exclusive and expensive) La Mer Cream. Well, I have to say that until this day my grandmother uses this cream every night, and her skin sometimes glows more than mine. When I talked with her, she said she used to use this cream before and after going to the beach. That time there were no SPF creams, so she used a big layer of Nivea cream (omg!!). Today we have a lot of good options with better SPF, of course. What we advise is to use this cream as a body moisturizer everyday, and after a day in the sun, we promise you’ll feel your skin soothe before your eyes. On the face…well…it all depends on what’s your skin type, because while dry skins swear this cream does wonders, oily skins may not think the same…


Price: 2€
Best for: All types of skin

Known by its formula (1/4 of it is made of a moisturizing cream), Dove cream is the number one dermatologist recommended bar soap. Why? It effectively cleanses the skin without stripping it of essential oils and moisture. And can you guess it’s age? 60 years old!!


Price: 7€
Best for: Dry

This line was born in the 1960s, and since then has launched a lot more products all designed to gently draw moisture to the skin. Who doesn’t know about Vaseline Intensive Lotion? 


Price: 31.95€
Best for: All types of skin, specially dry

This cream has existed since 1930!! Today is often used backstage at fashion week to provide the skin a dewy finish, while moisturizing the skin for hours. This is also one of the Queen Elizabeth favorite products. If you are curious about what are the Queen’s favorite products, click here.


Price: 7.90€ (30ml)
Best for: Normal, dehydrated skin

17 Benamôr Hand Creams are sold all over the world, every hour. This brand has existed since 1925 and you can count on them to keep your hands beautiful through the years. 


Price: 22.95€
Best for: Itchy, Irritated skin

Made with colloidal oatmeal, packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this product soothes itchy and dry skin, repairing the skin barrier and helping to keep moisture. The Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment has been on the market since 1947! Unbelievable.


Price: 11.45€
Best for: Sensitive, Dry skin

I bet you don’t know how many years this product has! 70 years old! I know! Try to name one of your friends who doesn’t know this brand. You just can’t. The gentle skin cleanser was first formulated in 1947 and since then it has become a suggested product by doctors, skincare pros, editores and beauty gurus. 

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2 thoughts on “7 Beauty Products that are probably older than your mother

    1. I only use Dove deodorant, it’s my favorite product. I’m not a big fan of soaps but when it comes to shower gel, Dove original is the best for any type of skin, I also use it and really advice it!


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