Zara vs Shein: Shoes Dupes

Hello beauties,

It is normal to come across posts about dupes of various brands at Shein, but maybe we can say that when it comes to Zara products, they win. The truth is that it is not very difficult to notice the similarities between styles but when they are almost identical, then we have to call them dupes.

Here at Beautyworkers, we believe in originality and not in copying. We realize that dupes with more appealing prices can draw attention, but keep in mind that the quality is not always the same. By this, we do not mean the ‘more expensive, the better rule always applies. (No, just look at the new garbage bag that Balenciaga launched). Always pay attention to the type of material the copy is made of, and always prefer the original to the copy, as a matter of principle. If not, you can always buy a piece that reminds you or that is inspired by that piece so expensive that you want.

We see a lot of clothes dupes, so in today’s post, we wanted to show you some Zara/Shein shoe dupes. And the question remains ‘who launched first?’. What do you think?

If you liked this type of post, comment down below what’s next piece you want to see! I’m thinking about sunglasses, what do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Zara vs Shein: Shoes Dupes

  1. It’s a really good question, who launched it first?! I ordered last year some Zara dupes in Ali Express and they have good quality. If Zara launched first or not, we’ll never know. But I have heard a lot of complaints about Shein, because they steal even the designs from small local designers. And this is the reason I’m buying much less from Shein and Ali Express.


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