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Hello beauties,

If you asked me two years ago about something that I’m afraid of, my answer would be self-tanning. I was always afraid to look orange or with an uneven tone. But after trying the Bali Body Self Tanning Water (post here), I lost my fear and I have to say that I became a fan of self-tan. 

We are very lucky, because with today’s technology, brands are making at home tanning products easier to use, not messy, and the results are marvelous. Bali Body is one of those brands! We can’t tell you how much we are fans of this vegan, cruelty free brand! 

Last week, we received the Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse to try and share our results. As always these are my honest thoughts about the product. There’s no affiliate links. 

Beautyworkers | Bali Body Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse


The Bali Body Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse retails for 29,95€ and is available at Bali Body (here). This product is packaged in a huge cream plastic bottle with a pump. The compact packaging and the unique pump serves the important function of creating the right texture for the perfect application. It provides the perfect amount to be taken and it’s mess free!

Beautyworkers | Bali Body Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse


I love the formula of this product. It literally melts into the skin upon contact and it feels refreshing. You can immediately see some color and this makes it easy to see where you need to apply more. It feels hydrating and it absorbs really quickly. You need to be fast. It feels just slightly sticky as it dries but after a couple of minutes, it stops feeling sticky and feels like you didn’t apply anything! 

I was worried about transferring, or making a mess, but the process was so easy, quick and with zero mess! It’s transfer-free! I gave it a couple of minutes before dressing again and I have to say that I used white clothes and they all stayed white. 

The formula is great for sensitive and dry skin, once it dries, you feel your skin very hydrated. While it promises to not cling to dry spots, I strongly advise you to exfoliate prior using of this product. 

I was really afraid because I’m very fair and this is the Ultra Dark shade, but I have to say that the color guide helps a lot. We can see immediately the color, and spot the places where we need to apply more. You need to be very quick, because I said and I say again, it absorbs really quickly. 

It looks so natural and the best thing it that you can build more if you want. You just need to wait 30 minutes and apply a second layer of product. As the time passes, you see the color developing into a healthy shade, and after a couple of hours you just need to take a bath to take the remaining product and that’s it. For a medium dark tan wait 3 to 4 hours, for the deepest tan wait 8 hours.

Beautyworkers x Bali Body Ultra Dark TanLeft leg (immediately after applying the product) Right leg with no product

I think it’s important to mention the importance of using a tanning mitt with this formula. While you can use what you have, aka your hands, it’s important to mention again how quickly the formula sinks into the skin, and while using your hands may seem good and quick, I promise it will not look good. I don’t like to risk it when it comes to self tanning, and remember that’s always the risk of ending with very dark hands. I don’t own a Bali Body mitt but I bought one last year and it was very affordable (6€, I think), but you can always order the Bali Body Mitt which is made specially to use with these kind of formulas! It’s also very affordable (13,95€).

The foam created by the packaging is great because you don’t need much, you get a lot of value for the price of this product. I only need four pumps for my legs (two for each leg). And the bottle is huge, I think it will last for a long time! 

Now, about the smell, something that may worry you. You will notice a very subtle scent of self tanners. But it goes away in a couple of hours, and it’s not strong, something that I appreciate. 

The shade this product provides to the skin is gorgeous! I love how natural it looks, even on fair skin. It looks like I was on a beach for two weeks without any worries! And it doesn’t make the skin orange, on the contrary! The skin looks healthy and hydrated all week! 

I thought I was going to look way darker than what I was and maybe that was because I only let it be on my skin for one hour before I took a shower. If you are afraid, like me, start by letting it on the skin for an hour and progride the time of waiting more and more.

Beautyworkers x Bali Body Ultra Dark Tan Before (1) and After (2) two hours

During the week, I advise you to not use harsh soaps when you take showers and when you leave the shower, tap the skin lightly with a towel (don’t rub). You can also use the gradual tan cream everyday to maintain the shade for more time.


I know self-tanning can be scary when done alone at home, but Bali Body Tanning mousses changed my mind. I lost my fear of self tan and now I can use it with confidence that I’m going to end with a great look. Who knew self tanning could be so easy and mess-free? The effort of applying this product is minimal and it melts in the skin with no effort! It does the job alone! It takes me two minutes to apply it and five to let it dry, so the ending time is around 7 minutes in total. The ultra Dark name was a little scary because I’m very fair but after using it, I can say that it’s really good. I can’t recommend this product enough for those who want to achieve a healthy ‘I came from a two week beach vacation’ tan look. The best? You don’t have to worry about tan lines!

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    1. Agree! Thank you for you comment! This is a great product! I was afraid in the beginning because it’s the ‘Ultra Dark’ but I became a fan 😉 my favorite is still the Clear Tanning mousse but this one is right after!

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