Glasgow – Viva La Vida

Hello beauties

2022 in terms of trips has been an amazing year, and it’s not over yet. ; )

Today I bring you my experience, what I did and ate in Glasgow.

I went to Glasgow after Edinburgh (post here). I caught the train that took more and less, one hour between each city. It’s super easy, and a cheap way to visit more than one place in a short period.

Glasgow it’s different from Edinburgh. I felt it more like a city than a medieval or mystic place, like the vibe of Edinburgh. But it’s also beautiful.

We arrived and went straight to the place where we would sleep, that is one more time, the rooms of the university of Glasgow. Good localization and the bedroom was spacious. Opposite the Edinburgh room, the kitchen in this one was inside the room. The name is Riverside Glasgow – Campus Residence. Right in front of the river, and near the metro and the principal street. The one with the good stores.

Once more, I highly recommend you to do a walking tour to know a bit of the history of Glasgow. We did, and we got to know some cool details, but also it’s a good way to have some advice on where to eat for example.

As always, before the trip we did some research about Glasgow, and created our itinerary of Street art. Yes, Glasgow has some famous street art that has some meaning.

Here is some of the street art that we saw. If you want, I can give you the itinerary, just comment or DM us on Instagram, and I will share it with you.


I´m a foodie. I think you already understood that, so having a cool place to eat and try new things is a must for me, when visiting a new city.

Singl-end Café & Bakehouse Garnethill

A brunch café, where I ate the best focaccia of my life. I don´t know what they put but it was so tasty. YUMMY


It is Europe´s largest Thai restaurant. The food is delicious, and I highly highly recommend it. It´s a fancy restaurant that stays on the principal street of Glasgow. Not the cheapest restaurant, but worth the price. If we had more days in Glasgow, I would go there again.


Glasgow is a rainy city. My best friend wore a cape and a waterproof bucket hat that I purchased on Parfois before going.

More than that I used my beloved Guess gabardine, a Mango black dress, a Rinsta dress, and for the big event, a Zara full outfit.

Now, you are asking yourself, what is this big event? Well that was the main reason why I went to Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Coldplay concert. Yes, I flew from Portugal to Scotland, because of Coldplay. And, I don´t regret it at all. It was FANTASTIC. Here are some pics of the show.

Hope you like this type of post, and until the next trip


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