Dupes/Inspiration: Luxury Bags

Hello beauties,

A few weeks ago I showed you some dupes of Zara Shoes that you can find in Shein. And this time, I thought ‘what’s the best accessory right after a good pair of shoes?’ And the answer is…a bag! 

Personally I love bags, I have a collection that I love and that I would not change for nothing (well, in fact, I wouldn’t mind exchanging my collection for Georgina Rodrigues’ bag collection!). Unfortunately, I suffer from something that’s called ‘I don’t have time/I forgot’, this is something that has accompanied me for many years – despite having a lot of bags, I always use the same! In the morning when I choose the look, I look at the watch and I no longer have time to change everything I have from one bag to the other! It’s serious, but worse, it’s sad! I have bags in my closet that I only used once! 

Since I love bags so much, I decided to look for some bag inspiration from luxury brands. As always, here at the Beautyworkers blog we are against copying but we are in favor of good inspiration that will not cost you a kidney. If we forget the detail of the quality, we can say that we have good inspirations for you here at very nice prices.

As always, tell us in the comments what is your favorite bag!

Comment down below or send us an email to beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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