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Summer means heat, beach, fun, but it can also mean dehydrated, dry, lifeless and/or dull skin. Thinking about it, Bali Body decided to launch a new moisturizing mask. You already know how much we love this brand that in addition to being vegan, does not test on animals, and best of all, they are always one step ahead of our needs.

I have combo skin, which means that I have places where my skin is oily and others where my skin is dry/normal. Lately, I’ve been feeling my skin more to the dry side, so this sheet mask came in at the perfect time. 

This review is sponsored by Bali Body but as always, these are my honest thoughts about the product. There’s no affiliate links. 

Beautyworkers | Bali Body Hydrating Sheet Mask


The Bali Body Hydrating Sheet Mask retails for 9,95€ and is available at Bali Body (here). This product is packaged in a flexible pouch, perfect to keep the moist and maintain the freshness of the mask. Great to take on vacation or just to have in your bathroom. The color blends perfectly in the Essentials collection (which we talked about here), it’s beautiful and very chic. 

Beautyworkers | Bali Body Hydrating Sheet Mask


Infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen and Niacinamide, three of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients, these masks promise to plump, brighter and hydrate the skin. 

It’s advised the use of this mask before a day or night out for selfie ready skin in 10 minutes. I understand why, because after using it, I felt my skin so dewy and luminous, exactly what they promised. 

I didn’t have any dinner or a night out, but I had lunch with some friends and I decided that was the best time to try this product. And so I did. The form fitting shape is perfect because you can style your hair or even dress while you wait for the ten minutes to pass. This sheet mask is also infused with hydrolysed collagen known for its excellent water holding capacity, moisture absorption, and anti-aging properties. There’s some studies about its anti-melanogenic capacity. In summary, collagen improve skin’s hydration and elasticity.

When I tried this mask for the first time, I immediately saw results. I didn’t even need makeup. I only applied a little bit of concealer for my under eye circles and I was done! I received so many compliments on how my skin looked rested after days working non stop.

It’s really easy to use, you just need to apply the mask to clean skin & leave for 10/15minutes. 

Remove the mask and massage the remaining serum into the face, neck and chest (I also like to apply in the back of the hands, a place that shows the signs of aging really early).

Beautyworkers blog
Beautyworkers blog


The Hydrating Sheet Mask is a great product that is needed in every skin routine. Although I know how much a combo skin needs hydration (because of the rebound effect which makes oily skin produce more oil when it’s dehydrated) I never seek the time to do a hydration mask, preferring detox or mattifying sheet masks. However, after using this sheet mask, I see how much my skin needs a boost from time to time. If you like makeup, you should use this mask before applying your makeup for a special date because this is a great base for makeup. If you are a skincare lover, then this is also for you and a good product to have in every skincare routine. It’s not something that you need to do every day, but once a week, and you’ll see your skin more dewy and luminous. When I used it, I skipped makeup, just so you understand how good my skin looked. I’m impressed by Bali Body! Great product. I wish this came in a pack and not only one. 

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