These are the Zara pants of the moment – How to style

Hello beauties,

Love it or hate it, Zara has the most fashionable pieces of clothing, and this is a fact -Just open Instagram and there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of looks all with pieces of this well-known clothing brand.

Looking fashionable isn’t always about wearing the latest trends, or mastering complicated styling tricks, and most important is not wearing the most expensive clothes (At least I don’t have the bank account for that!), and Zara can offer really cool pieces at a nice price (although I have to say that lately I think Zara has been increasing the prices a little, or is it just me?). The secret is to use pieces that you like to see in you, that make you feel confident and sexy.

So in my latest Zara visit, I picked a pair of pants that are making a blast on Instagram and decided to see how I would style them. I tried to choose nice but simple pieces that can be used on an office or a date with some friends. What do you think? What’s your favorite look? And how would you style these pants?

Zara: White top 3519/127/725 | Cream Pants 8372/320/704 | Shoes 1502/010
Zara: Black top 8417/801/800 | Pants 8372/320/704 | Shoes 1225/010 | Silver bag 6374/010
Zara: Top 4978/109/701 | Pants 8372/320/704 | Shoes 3812/010 | Bag 6286/010

I can see the appeal of these pants, the material is really good and they look good with a lot of styles! They can be used to work, to go out with friends or even to have a chic or casual date night! What do you think?

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