Sephora Pomegranate Eye Mask & Cherry Lip Mask | Review |

Hello beauties

On one of my last excursions to Sephora, waiting in line to pay, I looked around, and you know, the Beauty to go is a crime, because we want to experiment with everything that is there.

I don´t know, one person that can resist not buying something form Beauty to go, especially if needs to wait between the shelves.

This time I came from Sephora with two items from that section which are both from Sephora´s collection. As you read in the title, are masks.

Sephora Pomegranate eye mask

These masks are bio-cellulose patches, formulated with 91% of natural ingredients, and enriched with vegetal extracts.

There are four different eye masks in this collection, Cucumber, Caffeine, watermelon, and Pomegranate, that is the one I bought.

The Pomegranate eye mask has the function to tone the eye area, giving it a well-rest look. It also helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and a more awakened look.

Mode of use

1 – Remove one protective film.
2 – Place the patch as shown on the diagram of the involucre.
3 – Remove the other film
4 – Place the second patch.
Leave for five minutes.
5 – Remove the patches.
6 – Massage any excess into the skin.

A good tip is to leave it in the fridge the night before, for a cooler application and better results.

The second mask that I tried was the Cherry lip mask, once again from Sephora´s collection.

This mask is also made with bio-cellulose film and formulated with 95% of natural ingredients.

The function of the Cherry lip mask is to give immediate hydration, and smooth and soft the lips. It repairs the lips, nourishing them.

Mode of application
1 – Remove the first protective film
2 – Place the mask over the lips
3 – Press to make the mask adhere well to the skin
4 – Remove the second film.
5 – Leave for five minutes
6 – Remove and massage any excess.

My opinion

Let´s try with the lip mask. Cherry is my favorite fruit, so when I saw one mask made with cherries, I needed to try it. The mask itself is big. I would love to have bigger and fuller lips, but not in the size of this mask, it´s absurd.
Taking that, it has an easy application and adheres well to the skin.
During the five minutes, it was on the lips, I didn’t feel any discomfort at all, just a little bit of tingle when I took it off. That was just for like thirty seconds, so I don´t know if it was supposed to happen or not.
I felt my lips softer, and still was in the next day. I wish I had done an exfoliation before applying but just remembered when I already had the mask on.

The pomegranate eye mask. The tip to put in the fridge, it´s a good tip. I felt a good cooler effect, that was a good sensation. The day I tried, my dark circles were more prominent than normal, so I think it was a good test of the mask. Like the lip mask, it has an easy application and adheres well to the skin.
During the five minutes, I also didn’t feel any discomfort, ad not even after removing it.
The results that I had with one try, were a more awake look, at least I could feel that. I also think looking into the mirror, that the dark circles were a little softer, and the skin was smooth. I liked the results.

Between the two, I preferred the eye mask, but I also think it was because I didn´t exfoliate the lips before, so I didn’t have the full treatment.

Did you try these masks?


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