5 Multifunctional Products and How to Take Full Advantage of Them

Hello beauties,

Multifunctional beauty products are practical, and they can make any makeup routine so much easier while optimizing the space in your makeup bag and even in your dressing table (and let’s not talk about how much $$ you can save). This type of products are called multifunctional because they can be used for two or more makeup functions. 

Source: Pinterest


This is probably the more known multifunctional product, because let’s face it – who never saw herself without a foundation at hand and used a little more concealer to act like foundation? And even if this is not the case, concealer is the best way to achieve a no-makeup, makeup! Apply a little more under the eyes, on some spots where you find your skin more reddish and on a pimple or two and you are ready to face the world!


This product can be used as an eyeshadow! It will provide a lot of shine! You can also use it to highlight the face and even the center of lips. If it’s ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested, even better!


Preferably if it’s in cream, some blushes can be used as eyeshadows or even as lipsticks! And they can be applied with the fingertips for a quick ‘healthy’ look.

Source: Pinterest


If you love softer eye pencils, in addition to being used on the waterline, you can also use it as an eyeliner or an eyeshadow (just apply the product a little closer to the lashes and blend it with a brush).

Source: Sephora


Just like cream blushes, lipstick can also be used as a blush! Just spread it with your fingertips and voila!

What do you think about these ideas? Do you have more ideas to save money and time on your makeup routine? Let us know in the comments.

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