Zara Perfumes Inspiration List

Hello beauties,

Who doesn’t like a good inspiration? We do! While we are against dupes because we believe the brand right to be authentic, we do love a good inspiration. Let’s be real, not everybody has the money to buy an expensive perfume that has some notes that are almost similar to our favorite perfume that costs four times! When it comes to perfumes it’s important to say that Zara’s perfumes, although very good, don’t have the same intensity as the real ones. So don’t be surprised if you stop feeling the scent after some time, while the real can remain in the clothes for days. But for the price, let me tell you that these are a really good purchase, and now in sales, they are even better!

While you are in it, take a look at our shoes inspiration post and luxury bags inspiration post! Don’t forget to let us know what’s your favorite Zara perfume!

Zara Cashmere Rose 15,95€ (100ml) – Gucci Flora by Gucci Gardenia 140€ (100ml)
Zara Fashionably London 14,95€ (40ml) – Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif 235€ (75ml)
Zara Cherry Smoothie 7,99€ (100ml) – Tom Ford Last Cherry 282,76€ (50ml)
Zara Violet Blossom 12,95€ (180ml) – Mugler Alien 141,99€ (90ml)
Zara Red Vanilla 12,95€ (200ml) – Lancôme La vie est belle 136,50€ (100ml)
Zara Wonder Rose 9,99€ (200ml) – Narciso Rodrigues for her 132€ (100ml)
Zara Golden Decade 17,95€ (80ml) – Yves Saint Laurent Libre 135€ (90ml)
Zara Applejuice 7,99€ (100ml) – Chanel Chance Eau Tendre 147€ (100ml)
Zara Gardenia 15,95€ (180ml) – Yves Saint Lauren Black Opium 97,99€ (150ml)
Zara Deep Garden 15,95€ (100ml) – Carolina Herrera Good Girl 117,50€ (100ml) I can confirm because I have both and they are very similar
Zara Sublime Epoque 17,95€ (80ml) – Armani My Way 124,90€ (90ml)
Zara Nude Bouquet 15,95€ (100ml) – Prada Paradoxe 139,95€ (90ml)

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