My trip to Barcelona

Hello Beauties,

2023 stated in one of the best ways possible for me. Traveling. Yes, my first week of 2023 was passed in Barcelona, a city that I wanted to know about for so long.

My expectations were high, and Barcelona didn’t let me down. It’s a big and stunning city, with a lot of life.

I went from 2 of January until 5 of January. We went with everything organized, to be able to see everything in the period that we had. Were intensely packed days, but so worthy. For your curiosity, on the first day, we did 24 km on foot, 17 on the second, and 18 on the third. Oh yes, God save our legs!

We had an amazing week also in terms of weather. Were sunny and warm days, perfect for pictures.

Barcelona is a huge city like I said before. It´s the capital of Cataluña and has 4 840 000 people. In my opinion, it´s a complete city. It’s a European city, with all the goods that come with it, has history, famous landmarks, and has a beach zone, perfect to catch some sun, or just walk looking at the sea. There are not many places in the world that have this combo, making it a good place to live, in my opinion.

Now about what I did and saw.

Day 1

This day started with a walk to the Sagrada Familia. I´m not sure why, but I was not expecting to be so overwhelmed as it is. It´s a huge/enormous cathedral, with so much richness. And the interior! I have been seeing pictures and videos of the outside, and never seen the inside. It´s beautiful, not too crowded with embellishments. It´s more of a clean space, with some details. I was mesmerized by it. I was expecting something less imponent.
After that, we went to another mark in Barcelona. The Parc Guell. Also created by Gaudi, it has some iconic buildings, with the famous architectonic of Gaudi. Great place to spend some time getting lost, and a great place to take some beautiful pictures.

Then we went to the Casa de Padua, to take some pictures in front of the iconic façade of the house.

After this intense morning, was time for lunch. We went to a place that I wanted to go to because I follow the owner on Instagram, and the food always looks so delicious. The name of the place is True Roots, and I highly recommend it.

In the afternoon, we did, what I’m always advising you to do, A Free walking tour. Loved it. Cristina was our guide, and I loved her. Super nice, eloquent, and professional, and I also gave her some good tips. I highly recommend it.

The dinner was in a Tapas place that Cristina recommends. Fast service, and good food. The name of the restaurant is Tantarantana.

Day 2
This day was a chillier day, we started walking through Cataluna square, into the Passeig de Gràcia. An amazing avenue with luxury stores, like Dior, Chanel, YSL, and many others. On this avenue, there are three famous houses. Casa Amatler, Casa Batló and Casa milá. All were created by Gaudi. We decided to purchase the entrance in Casa Batló and were not disappointed. The house is so beautiful, unique design. The experience inside values the money of the ticket. We can have an immersive experience, almost like we were there, with the family Batló.

After it, we went to have brunch in one of my favorite restaurants, the Honest Greens.

In the afternoon we went to visit the Palau de la Musica. One of the most famous pictures of Barcelona is inside the building, To take the picture you need to purchase a ticket to go inside. The ticket also includes the audio tour.

After the Palau de la Musica, was time to visit the Cathedral of Barcelona.Because it was already almost time to close, we decided to go inside the day after. We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting the Gotic quarter, and the La Boqueria market. Honestly, if I wasn’t full from lunch, I would have purchased some food or smoothies there. The aspect was incredibly fresh and yummy.

Las Ramblas was a place where we spent some time also, but because our hotel was exactly in Las Ramblas, we could enjoy this amazing place in Barcelona.
The hotel where we stayed was the Catalonia Portal de l´Angel. I highly recommend it. In terms of localizing the middle of Las Ramblas, with stores like Zara, Mango, etc on each side. The bedroom was spacious, as was the bathroom.

The dinner was in a place that Cristina also recommended, Flax and Kale. I wish to have more days to taste the rest of the menu, it’s just what I have to say.

Day 3
Our last day in Barcelona. Our flight was just at the end of the day, so we had the chance to see the rest.
Our day started in Barceloneta, the beach area. This place, as I said before, makes Barcelona a perfect and complete city. They can enjoy the sun, and do some jogging on the sidewalk.

We had brunch in the Brunch and Cake, and if you are in the Barceloneta area and didn´t try yet, you should give it a chance. The place is pinky cute with Hawaii vibes. I had an açai bowl and my friend and avocado toast. Both were delicious.

Before coming to Barceloneta, we pass through Arc Triumph. The area is nice and quiet, the light was amazing, and you can take some photos without people around.

Next, we went to Montjuic. Montjuic is the place where the Olympic games of 1992 was placed. It has an Olympic stadium, Olympic pool, museums, and nice areas to walk and catch fresh air. I loved the place. Did you know that the Olympic games of 1992 put Barcelona in the eyes of the world?! We learned that in the Walking tour.

Now was time to see again the Cathedral of Barcelona from the inside. We took photos of another instagrammable place in Barcelona, which is on the rooftop of the Cathedral.

Our last lunch in Barcelona before going to the airport was in Teresa Carles. Awesome place, that if you want to go, book in advance.

And this was our trip to Barcelona!

Want to know more, like what I packed, nice places to eat, to take photos, etc.?
Just ask, and I will help


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