Products I tried in the past month

Hello beauties,

I (Rita) have been busy, with a capital B! But now that everything is more calm, I decided to share with you some of the products that I’ve been trying. Some you may recognize because I received them in the Lookfantastic advent calendar, others are some products that I had at home new and it was more than time to open and try! Yes, I’ve been neglecting my beauty routine, but now, I’m here, stronger and willing to try more and more products! So expect more posts like these in the future…

With no more delays, here’s what I’ve been trying…let me know in the comments if your ever tried any of these products and if you liked it or not!

SACHAJUAN Hair Repair Masque

I received this hair mask in the Lookfantastic advent calendar and this was the first product that I tried from this brand. I searched a little bit about it and one of the things that I read in lots of reviews was the scent. A lot of people complained about the strong scent. I don’t agree. It has a pleasant but not strong scent. I liked it. Now, the important stuff…is it good for the hair? Eh! I liked it. It’s not a game changer but I’m used to that when it comes to my super dry hair. It requires really strong stuff and I think this hair mask is something that can help normal/dry hair. I noticed a difference but like I said nothing major, the hair was instantly detailed, softer and it was easy to style it. I wish the packaging brought more product because I only used it two times and maybe with continuous use I would see more results.

L’Oréal Lash Paradise Extra Black

I was in need of a good eye mask, and I could buy a new one, but I decided to buy something that I knew was good. When it comes to eye masks, we can count on L’Oréal lash paradise. I tried the pink tube a few years ago quando it became one of my eye masks of all time. I heard the blue tube (the waterproof version) is not as good. This time I saw the extra black version (strong bald version) and I had to try it. It’s really good! Every time I use it, I feel that I don’t need fake lashes. The best is that it doesn’t smudge during a long day but at the end of the day it’s really useful to take off with a good makeup remover. 

INIKA Eye Pencil

This is another Lookfantastic advent calendar product. As a fan of eyeliners, I tend to put eye pencils in second place. But I woke up wanting a darker look and remembered that I had this eye pencil to try, it was the perfect time to see how it performed. It’s not the blackest eye pencil that I tried (Aruban Decay’s has a really nice and really black eye pencil, I don’t remember the name but I think it has the name ‘Night’ in it), but it really glides in the eye in a way that I love. It doesn’t instantly dry, making it perfect to smudge a little with a brush, but at the same time it’s not too buttery, making it perfect to use all day without worrying to look like the Winter Soldier. 

DOVE Care by Nature

These two shower gels have amazing scents. I honestly don’t know which one is my favorite. Sometimes I use one of them, other times I use the other. I received compliments on how my skin smells good and that’s the best compliment anyone can provide me. I also feel my skin is really soft and healthy since I started using these products.

DRUNK ELEPHANT Protini Polypeptide Cream

Another Lookfantastic advent calendar product! I’ve been using this cream for almost one month and I have to say that I really really like it! I have combination skin, some places are oily with occasional pimples and others are more to the normal, almost dry side, and I was a little afraid that this product could break out my skin or make it more oily. Nothing! The consistency is really light but I feel my skin really hydrated when using it! It makes the skin glow and look healthier! It’s also the perfect canvas to use underneath makeup! It smells like anything which is great because that means no perfume, making it better for sensitive skin. I’m considering buying the normal size.

CeraVe Blemish Control Cleanser

I received this gel in my work and I was so excited to try it. I saw a lot of tik tok videos talking about how good this gel is for people with acne. I have combination skin and sometimes breakouts and a lot of blackheads (mainly on the nose), so I thought this would be a salvation. I don’t like it! The gel made my skin dry and it took all the little healthy shine my skin had. It made my skin dull. I’ve been using it to wash my armpits because it contains salicylic acid which is great if you sweat. Basically the bad smell from sweat is because of the bacteria we have in the armpits. I will let you know if this results. 

AVÈNE Clearance Gel

I bought this gel after the fiasco with the CeraVe gel and I have to say that this is perfect for my skin! I really like it, I feel my skin clean but not dry, which is something that commonly happens with gels for oily skin. It also has been helping me control breakouts and the scent is very pleasant. A little goes a long way. I’m definitely going to buy it again.

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