Blue Monday + Sales Haul

Hello beauties,

Last week’s Monday was what’s called the blue Monday. What’s Blue Monday, you ask? It’s the third Monday of January! It is known as blue Monday, because it is supposedly “the saddest day of the year”. The term was created in 2004 and has been used by companies to create advertising campaigns.

As a rule, this day has good campaigns and this year I decided to use it to my favor and buy some products that were really at a great price and that I knew I needed, others I wanted to try a lot. I also bought a few pieces in Zara that I can’t wait to show you. 

From Sephora, I bought three products that I needed. Sephora Portugal advised a promotion of 20% on every product but after seeing the little letters, I realized that the promotion was only for selected products. Fortunately they had cool products that I wanted. My lips have been very dry and I’ve been using almost every chapstick that I had at home but I knew that I needed the big guns and when it comes to my lips, they love lanolin. I was going to buy the normal Lanolips 101 ointment but when I saw their chapstick, I knew I had to try it. I also bought two products from a brand that I love – Color Wow dream coat, a cult for me, and Color Wow Dream Filter, a new product that I wanted to try for some time. 

From Lookfantastic I bought a little more. They had a 25% discount on almost everything and although they use to have good promotions, this was the best! I bought two creams from La Roche Posay, the Toleriane Cream and the Toleriane Cream Night (both for my aunt). I also bought Josh Wood Color Hair Gloss in the color Copper, and a Hair Mask from a brand that I love, Christophe Robin. I think the hair mask was my best purchase because it costs 49,95€ and I bought it for 9,90€. 

From Zara, I bought two dresses (one for me and another for my friend), three blouses (one will be a birthday gift and the other two are basic shirts that I always need), and Creatively Shanghai, a mini perfume. I think the perfume was the best purchase, it’s so good and you won’t believe who designed it? Jo Malone! I love Jo Malone’s perfumes but their prices are unbelievable. This perfume in sales cost me 2,99€! It smells like lemon, neroli and I have to buy more because I really liked it! 

Have you bought anything in this blue Monday/ sales season? What was your best purchase? 

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