What to wear on a freezing day. According to influencers

Hello beauties,

I don’t know how the weather is in your country but here in Portugal, it’s freezing! If you are on the same boat, you know that in the morning we just want to never take off the pijama! It’s a struggle to think about what to dress to stay warm but also cute. It’s tempting to throw on some leggings and an oversized coat and call it a day, but we want to approach style in other ways. Don’t worry because we, as always, are here to give you some help, and this time we are going to get some help from some fashion influencers. 

So stay with us and check some of these Smart and stylish solutions for what to wear on a cold day. And start to think about spring because we all need some dopamine-inducing and thinking about those days may be the trick!

“This year, I’m all about long dusters and oversized coats. There’s something so chic about the look & fit. I love styling monochrome, cozy basics underneath with my favorite boots & accessories.” (stylinbyaylin)

Photos: stylinbyaylin

Photos: Tamara

Puffy jackets are a hit this year and they are so comfy and warm! They can me more fit to the body or more oversized, just choose what you feel most comfortable!

Photos: cellajaneblog

“The winter 2023 trend I’m most excited about is fun stockings, like polka dot tights! They are an easy, affordable way to elevate a look. I wear them with over-the-knee boots, pumps, combat boots, or sneakers, and with rompers, dresses, skirts, and shorts.” (Jen Adams)

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: interiordesignerella

“I’m most excited to style long, skin-tight turtleneck sweater dresses this winter. In my opinion, a winter wardrobe is never complete without a good sweater dress. They are super versatile, effortless to style, and flattering on any body type! For a sophisticated look, I would pair the dress with heeled booties, layer with a wool trench coat, and opt for a chic shoulder bag”

Photo: Pinterest

“The latest look for layering this winter season is putting a turtleneck on as a base layer and elevating the outfit with a button down shirt over. You can even throw a sweater on top for extra warmth”.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: stylebyaylin

“A trend I’ve been loving that I can’t wait to rock in winter 2023 is balletcore.” (Remi Cruz)

Photo: Pinterest

“Maxi skirts will be one of the biggest fashion trends in 2023. You can’t go wrong with pairing them with your favorite boots and bodysuit. I also appreciate the versatility that a maxi skirt provides for the winter season. If it’s cold where you are, just throw on a pair of warm leggings, a turtle neck or sweater, and a leather jacket for the perfect winter look.” (Irina Bromberg)

Photo: Pinterest

Next post will be what to wear on a freezing day, according to professional stylists. What do you think?

Comment down below what’s your favorite winter style or send us an email to beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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