Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask Copper

Hello beauties,

Since I started using ammonia-free hair dye, my life has been complicated. The truth is that in terms of copper tones, the ammonia-free hair dyes available in Portugal are restricted and with complicated mixtures.

When I used the brand Schwarzkopf Igora, my life was simple, I used to use a package of color number 9.7, and sometimes I made a mixture of 9.7 with 8.77. Now I use Inoa from L’Oréal and it has been complicated to get the mixture of the copper I’m looking for. I’ve been using color number 8.34 and I’ve tried several mixtures using 7.43 + 7.4, among others…

To get my hair in the perfect copper shade, my best friend has been hair masks with color or toners, and if you ask me what my darling is, I have to say that it is Christophe Robin Chic Cooper hair mask. This mask is a must for those who want to moisturize their hair and achieve a very chic (like the name says) and beautiful copper tone, in addition to leaving their hair super untangled, smooth and fragrant.

But I wanted to change and after seeing a famous blogger who has the most beautiful copper hair I’ve ever seen, wearing the Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask Copper, I knew I had to try it asap!

And that’s what I did… I bought the mini version and waited for it to get home.

When I opened the box it was a mixture of sadness and laughter. Beauties, you can not believe the size of the mask! I knew that 30ml is not much but what I got was a package smaller than my hand. It looked like a sample eheheh Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture, because I only knew how to laugh at the situation!

Sizes aside, let’s talk about the mask. What it is, how it is used and in the end the results I achieved.

What is it? 

A mask that deposits temporary color while thoroughly nurturing hair for a healthier look and feel. It’s for all hair types and all hair textures. 

It contains:

-ArganID™: Provides antioxidant benefits and helps support the natural hair repair processes. 

-Amino Acid Blend: Hydrates and nurtures, providing detangling and shine benefits. 

-Apricot Kernel Oil: Hydrates the hair and scalp. 

 How to use it

-Start with clean, towel-dried hair.

-Section hair and apply a generous amount, distributing evenly using a wide-tooth comb.

-Leave on for five to seven minutes, depending on desired intensity.

-Rinse thoroughly. Style as usual.

What I think

They advise that minimal staining may occur but that it’s easily removed with soap and water. I found this half truth because it stained my arm and it took a lot of time and rubbing to get the stain out of my skin. So use gloves and be careful on what you touch.

Now the important stuff, I strongly advise you to section hair and apply a generous amount of product and in the end comb the hair to distribute the product evenly, or you may get some places with no product.  Because it happened to me. 



In the photos you can see that it works. I had it for exactly 5 minutes and I think that next time I will play a little and try for a little less time to see what shade I get. I really like the color I got this time, it’s exactly the copper that I love! There were some places where the color didn’t hold it so well but it was my fault because I forgot to comb the hair when I had the product in my head. Overall, I was really happy with the results.

Then I washed my hair. And the color really faded away. It’s still a little there, but the main part of it is gone, as you can see in the photo above.

After washing it

Final thoughts

Let’s forget about the color results, because they were there. Instead let’s talk about how I felt about my hair. After washing it, I felt my hair really dry. I have natural dry hair but immediately after using this mask, I felt my hair more dry. Now, it gets interesting because a couple days later, my hair turned to something different because it got so soft and malleable that I could not believe what was happening. And after washing it, the hair stayed really soft! 

This is a great product to refresh the copper of your hair. Don’t expect something that will maintain the color for a month because it will not happen. It will depend a lot on how many times you wash your hair between applications. You can apply every single time you wash your hair, but I don’t advice it. It will be expensive and you can really damage your hair.

Now the price…30 ml, cost me around 7,50€, which is a lot because I only used it once. The big bottle is less expensive if we do the math. The question is – is this better than Christopher Robin chic copper mask? They are two completely different products, with different results. If you like a more profound, caret copper, the Moroccanoil is for you, but if you like your copper more to the blond side, the Christopher Robin chic copper is the best choice for you (and surprisingly less expensive).

Comment down below what’s your favorite copper mask or send us an email to

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