Golden Globes 2019 | The Best & The Not-so-Great Dresses

Hello beauties,

A year has passed since the last Golden Globes, can you believe it?!

Last year we did the best and worst looks of the Golden Globes of 2018 (here), and we had so much fun doing it, that we thought on doing it again.

This year the outfits were a lot better than last year. This year we had trouble to find only five dresses that we liked (so we decided to put six eheh). The not-so-good (or as you may cal the worst) are not so bad! Hurray!!

Without more delay, let’s dish in the outfits of the stars! Don’t Forget that these are our choices, you may not agree but that’s the beauty of the beauty!


The Best

Yes, Julia Roberts looked stunning in this gorgeous Stella McCartney pants


The marvelous Charlize Theron using Dior, she’s never in the worst category!

The Crazy Rich Asians star Gemma Chan used a Valentino dress

Kiki Layne wearing this gorgeous Christian Dior

The Black Panther star Danai Gurrira decided to use a Rodarte dress. Jaw-dropping!


Lilli Reinhart used a Kyeli Couture dramatic red tulle gown! Go Riverdale!


The Couples that Rocked



The Not-so-Good

The Eighth Grade star Elsie Fisher is beautiful but her outfit is not the best


Joanna Newsom plays harp like a angel but that dress… Children cover your eyes…


Janelle Monae wearing Chanel. Nothing to say.


Amber Heard using Monique lhuillier. There’s something wrong with the proportions! It’s a no…



Kate Mara wearing Miu Miu. No!


Let us know in the comments which were the best and the worst dress that you saw this year on the Golden Globes! We would love to know.


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