Yves Rocher The Bi-Phased Night Recovery Concentrate [REVIEW]

Hello beauties,

Last month Yves Rocher launched a new product, the Bi-Phased Night Recovery Concentrate. This product combines a serum, twice as concentrated and precious botanical oils, including Jojoba oil known for its repairing properties.

It promises day after day, a luminous complexion, features appear smoothed, and wrinkles appear less visible. The skin becomes firmer, and overall a look regenerated and repaired.

But let’s take a step back and talk about what the eyes eat – the packaging. Which is pretty and luxurious, the glass bottle and the dropper are perfect, and it allows you to apply the quantity you think is enough for your skin type.

How to use: Delicately apply its nourishing silky texture by massaging before your night skincare, on face and neck, following the lines from bottom to top, from the inside to the outside.

Now, you must shake the bottle before using it. This is a bi-phase product which means that it has to mix before applying. The mix results in an oil/no-oil consistency. What I mean is that it looks like an oil, but when you apply it doesn’t feel the same as an oil. It’s much lighter and is almost immediately absorbed. The finish is not sticky or heavy (something that some oils do).

I have combination skin, and I’m not a big fan of applying oils on my skin but every time I apply this product on the next day (even on the same night), I don’t feel my skin oilier. But I also don’t like, to apply it every night. I usually use it twice a week, and I like how my skin is and how it feels the next day.

Do I see results? Yes and No. I do feel my skin plumper and smoother. But I don’t see any differences in a short space of time when we talk about wrinkles, luminosity, or firmer skin. That could also be because I’m still young, and wrinkles are not one of my main problems.

In my opinion, this product hydrates the skin and gives luminosity. It is well known, that hydrated skin will look more healthy and smooth, and I think that’s what this product does. Overall, and with time, I believe that you’ll see a difference in the wrinkles, which are connected with more hydrated skin.

If you need more reasons to try this product, let me give you some:

  • it’s formulated with more than 98% ingredients of nature origin
  • 100% natural extraction
  • it’s mineral oil free
  • botanical bud nectar sourced with respect for biodiversity
  • recyclable glass bottle, recyclable cardboard box from sustainably managed forests.


e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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