Portuguese brands you need to know – Part 4

Hello beauties,

Every time I think about what to write in these types of posts, I never quite know what to say. The truth is always the same, we decided to do these types of posts to introduce you to Portuguese brands that in our opinion deserve recognition. Some of them you may know (we hope so) but others are new even for us who try to be always up to date! Hopefully you will find here a brand (or two if possible) that you can identify with!

And before we forget, as always, we try to choose brands that ship worldwide, so that everyone can enjoy!

Let us know in the comments which brand caught your eye. We love some feedback from you.

Instagram: entrudopt


Entrudo was created in 2017, inspired in ‘Trás-os-Montes Carnaval’ because of its colors, materials, textures and sounds. Every shoe has a name inspired in names of villages of Trás-os-montes. Every product is made in Portugal with high quality materials, and every detail is handmade.

Instagram: granizoloja


Granizo is a brand that I immediately fell in love, because of its colors! It screams my name! Every earring is unique and handmade in Portugal. But don’t worry because they ship worldwide.

Instagram: cantaloupestudio

Cantaloupe Studio

Cantaloupe is a brand created to spread through the world years of know-how in stamping in high quality products, made in Portugal. Every product is made using high quality materials and I dare you to not fall in love with these shoes.

Instagram: hoyara_jewellery


Hoyara is a jewelry brand created in Portugal since 2017 and good news is that they have a page dedicated to men jewelry! Each piece is simple but beautiful and the quality is amazing!

Instagram: amor.luso

Amor Luso

Amor Luso is a brand that was created because of a passion of values and Portuguese traditions! They offer experiences in a form of cosmetic and handmade soaps. They use raw materials such as olive oil, honey, goat milk, Dao wine and aromatic plants.

Instagram: inezroza_official


Inezrosa is a fashion brand created in Portugal with handmade products that are also made in Portugal. Every piece is created with premium fabrics. For now the website is unavailable but give it some time (you can always contact via Instagram)! They ship worldwide!!

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com

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