Changing Styles for a Day

Hello beauties,

Today we had an idea, what if we could change styles for a day? The truth is that we are two girls who usually have similar tastes, but our style in everyday life turns out to be a little different. And that’s totally normal. We can have similar tastes but different styles.

That’s why we went to a Zara and in five minutes we had to choose a look that defined us, that when we saw it we said “this is me”! When we got to the fitting rooms, we simply changed the clothes! We had so much fun!

Ready to see the results? Let’s go!

Joana’s Choices

OMG! Zara killed me this year. Such beautiful stuff, that makes the job difficult. I love to wear fancy pieces, and in my dream life, I would be a lady with heels and more fancy and preppy clothes. That is my dream life or style. But in my real life, I’m not a socialite unfortunately, so l don’t buy pieces that are in the wardrobe with nowhere to use. Because of that, l usually use a lot of practical style. I picked something that could be my weekend outfit. Yes, I don’t wear shorts in my job, but on a summer day I go for a walk or just a casual Sunday. That would be for sure my picks.

What did Rita think?

Sizes: Top XS, Shorts 36, Shoes 36

I loved the set! It’s super comfortable and it’s something I would easily use in the summer to go for a walk on the beach, or even for an outing with friends! This set really looks like something Joana would wear! In my day-to-day life I like to use a little more formal pieces, but I feel like I could use this set for work and rock it!

Rita’s Choices

Zara’s new collection is beautiful! I saw dresses that shouted my name but I wanted to choose something more composed, something I know I would wear tomorrow! The truth is that my style is very girly, I love structured mini skirts, as well as sweaters! In everyday life I like to wear a sexy piece with a more formal piece, and that’s why I chose this blue skirt with buttons on both sides that I love, with a sweater with details of the same color. Royal blue wore a lot this year, and satin is one of my favorite clothing materials. I also chose some blue sandals that I really liked. I love sandals with high heels, but in my work it is impossible to endure 8 hours with shoes of this kind, so my secret is that under my desk I always have sneakers and shallow sandals to be able to wear during working hours. But this set could be easily combined with shallow sandals!

I love the end result, and I think Joana looks just beautiful with this set! Do you think I can convince her to wear more mini skirts? I hope so!

What did Joana think?

Sizes: Top XS, Skirt XS, Shoes 36

l loved this outfit. The first reaction when l saw the shirt, was ‘I would never pick this’ if it was me. But seeing it all together, it was perfect. Something that I would for sure use in a formal event.

The color of the skirt is a vibrant blue that brings life to the outfit. Next time, I need something more composed, I will ask Rita to be my personal assistant. If I can point something out, it is that the shoes because of the straps were not comfortable, but still pretty.

What would you like to see next time? Give us some ideas…

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