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Hello Beauties,

Today I bring you a post that I don´t do for a while, and I miss it – a makeup review! And from a new product!

This week, I went to Sephora and tried one of the new Benefit Cosmetics Blushes! And lucky me, because I went there on the day they were released in Portugal.

What are these new bundle of blushes? They are called the WANDERful World and are from the brand Benefit Cosmetics. This brand is known for their bestselling bronzer – the hoola bronzer – and from all of their brow products! ohh of course, we cant forget the Dandelion blush!

WANDERful world brings eleven new shades and a new face for the famous Dandelion blush. It’s inspired by the colors and sensations of the world that make us transported to a fantastic place where the dream and reality combine.

What’s new in these new blushes:

  • Eco-friendly package;
  • Don´t transfer;
  • Smudge-proof
  • No comedogenic;
  • Waterproof and sweat resistance;
  • Easy application;
  • Two new ingredients – freshwater pearl and synthetic sapphire that reflects the light to give a luminous to the skin.

The twelve blushes of these collections can be divided by shades and finishes!

A curiosity is that all the new blushes have the same scent as Dandelion blush.

Mode of application

Benefit gives three tips on how to apply these blushes:

If you want a sun kissed look – Sweep across the nose and cheeks;

For a more subtle lift – apply above the cheekbone

Drama look – brush it up high.


I tried the shade Shellie. A warm seashell-pink tone. The application was smooth, I thought it was easy to build up. I asked for a little extra and it is very easy blend it!

I loved the finish on my skin. I had a radiant finish with a subtle shimmer that made my cheeks look like it was sun kissed. It was also a good match for my skin tone.

I need to try it more to see if some of the new characteristics are correct. But for a first impression, I’m very happy! At the end of the day, I did a sweaty workout without taking off my makeup. And it´s true. The blush is sweat resistant because I was all wet with sweat and my face was impeccably sun kissed, all because of Shellie.

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