Burning Man

Hello beauties

Burning Man Festival was always an event that intrigued me, and that I wanted to go to.

It has a mystic environment that attracts me.

But what is the “Burning Man”?

It’s a Festival, or better, they don’t see it as a festival, it’s more like a city created by the citizens following ten values to show the culture and artistic side of each one.

The ten principles were written, in 2004 by the co-founder Larry Harvey, as a guideline for future events.

The 10 Principles are:
• Radical inclusion
• Gifting
• Decommodification
• Radical Self-reliance
• Radical self-expression
• Communal Effort:
• Civic Responsibility:
• Leaving No trace:
• Participation:
• Immediacy:

This event happens in Nevada and brings more and less like 80000 people from all over the world.

More than a cultural event is also a fashion event, where you can show your wildest side, and use what you don’t dare to use in other places. It’s the place for self-expression and to let your creativity fly.

Through the years, you saw crazy outfits and some that were insane. Here are some examples that fascinated me. Some are from this year, others are from the past but are still stunning.

Now, a girl can dream and I dream to go there one day. And if I had the chance, this is what I would wear.

Tell me what you think of my outfit. Which boots should I choose?


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