2023 (wearable) Fashion Trends

Hello Beauties

The fashion world is getting warm, with the beginning of the most iconic fashion weeks. 

Every single year, we watch closely what the bigger designs bring to the table, to know what will be on trend for the next year.

2023 is not different, and if you watched closely last year Fashion weeks, you already have a glimpse or a knowing of what will be the clothes of the influencers this year.

But, the catwalk can bring some bizarre fashion trends, that we can look and think, “oh so cool”, but can be far to be wearable.

So, this year we thought on just talk about the wearable trends, that will be on the streets for 2023. And in the next post, we can go to a Zara, for example and try to recreate each trend. Do you like this idea?! If yes, keep following us and don’t forget to comment down below.

Without more conversation, let’s see what will be considered trendy in 2023.

Bomber Jacket

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton show

Let’s start with one of my favorite trends of 2023: Bomber jackets. I love jackets, and bomber jackets can be so practical, comfortable, and great to use as an everyday jacket. You can find many styles and fabrics. Lile leather to cotton, puffier, etc. 

Utility with Cargo pockets

Photo credit: Coperni´s show

Cargo it´s back. That military vibe that I love is here. We are going to see cargo pants, but this year, it just doesn’t stay on the pants, it goes to the pockets. Big pockets at the sides will be a thing.

Maxi skirts

Photo credit: Dior show

Last year were the miniskirts, this year is exactly the opposite. The maxi skirts are back, in all types of forms, from the classic to the denim.

Leather leggings

Photo credit: Versace show

Leather is also back, and we can see other types of pieces, but the huge thing will be on leggings. The thing that was so out of style, it’s now on. And is no longer just for workwear or doing errands. At a night out is almost a must. 


Photo credit: Louis Vuitton show

Blazers and more men style clothes. The suits and clean cuts. For me personally, I´m happy. I love this type of style and blazers.

Color Green

Photo credit: Chanel show

Really like this color, and my mom is also very happy (it’s her favorite color). The green is huge this year. But not the neon green, the emerald for example, military or even bottle green.

Color cobalt Blue

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton show

This vibrant color will be all over the place in 2023. We are going to see it from clothes, to bags and even jewelry. Do you like it? I like it, but I’m not sure if it suits me, or can I pull an outfit with a cobalt blouse, for example. We will try.

Loafers (chunky)

Photo credit: Versace show

They were a thing 2, 3 years ago, when Prada brought the trend to the world. And now they are back. Take them from the closet. Thank god I didn’t sell mine. 

Transparency details/ sheer

Photo credit: Chanel show

It has been a thing for many years. For example, Rihanna has been using this style on the red-carpet for a while. But now, it’s also on the streets.  On the red carpet, we saw sheer skirts, dresses and even workwear on catwalks like Tory Burch and Victoria Beckham.

Sparkly clothes on daytime/ metallics

Photo credit: EENK show

Forget that shine is just for a night out. The streets and the sun will be the lights of the disco this year. Metallic blouses, camis, skirts or even pants it’s on trend. If you think it’s too much for you or doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can still rock this trend in the accessories. A silver bag, for example.


Photo credit: Marine Serre show

I remember this trend in the 90s, and it’s back. The full denim look it’s no longer out of style, so let’s search in the back of our wardrobes for those denim blouses and skirts. 


Photo credit: Chanel show

The Padron florals will be huge especially on spring summer clothes. Small floral pardons for petite frames or the big and bold will be all over the place.


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