Nars Climax Extreme

Hello Beauties,

I’m so happy to bring you a review of a new beauty product! I think I don’t do this in a while. And it feels good, makes me think that things are in a good path, and normality will comeback soon.

I was in need of a new mascara. This year, a mascara and concealer were, I think, the only makeup that I used, so I run out of both easily.

As a beauty lover, of course, I couldn’t just buy a mascara and a concealer that I already knew, I needed to buy something new on the market to try and see if is really as good as the others influencers say and also to do a post, reviewing and giving my opinion about it.

Today I bring you the review of the Nars Climax Extreme mascara.

First let’s start by the outside package. It’s lovely. I think that is the most stunning package that I ever saw in a mascara. I like that is big, with impact on the eye, and feels good to have it in the hand.

The brush is really big. Big enough to catch almost all your lashes in just one application.

Now the actual mascara… is enriched with a pigment complex, that is a combination of pure micro pigment infused with conditioning oil, which will instantly give the lashes an extremest blackest pigment.

It also has some special polymer that makes the mascara stay all day, even being water-proof.

Another positive point of this mascara is that is formulated without paraben and fragrance and it was tested by ophtamologists.

My opinion

I was already impressed after applying the first coat. Instantly I had big, full and super black lashes. It gives you some major lashes, like it elongates yours, opening your eyes. Perfect for when you are sleepy and need something to gives you an awake look.


Because it is so dark, it gives you the feeling of voluminous lashes, and looks like you have eyeliner, which for me, is a huge plus, because I still have difficult when it comes to apply the eyeliner.

Another positive point is that you’ll save more product because you’ll need just one coat to see results.

This mascara stays all day, without smudge or fade, and the lashes look healthy and in place all day. I didn’t notice any falling lashes and the color black didn’t fade away during the day.

I’m really impressed with this mascara, I think Nars did a good job in this new Climax Extreme.

What’s your thought about this product? Let me know in the comments down bellow.


2 thoughts on “Nars Climax Extreme

  1. Nars Climax Extreme Mascara has a great volume. when I put it on my eyes, my eyes look more attractive. I use mascara every single day and can’t live without it, now my lashes look so dark and long. The good thing about this mascara is its waterproof. My last experience has really good with, so i decided to buy this product from this website again.


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