Hello beauties,

From time to time, we like to show you some brands from our country – Portugal! Brands that in our opinion, deserve worldwide attention, be it for the quality of the products but also their beauty!

Besides, they are made in Portugal, and that’s a huge accomplishment (and we are very proud about them)!

We always also like to mention brands that ship worldwide, so that you can enjoy these products as much as we do!

Take into consideration, that these are brands that we found on Instagram, and we don’t receive anything to mention them in the blog. We only like to, from time to time, find new brands and share them with you!

Sömmer jewelry

Instagram: @sommerjewelry

Do you love jewelry and unique designs?

You have to check out Sömmer Jewelry! This Portuguese jewelry brand, founded by designer and handcrafted Sofia Bártolo, offers simple and amazing pieces in porcelain and gold. The best? Each piece is manufactured manually with minimalist and delicate aesthetics. Look for the post that shows the color change of gold before and after being placed at 700C. Unbelievable!

Nina Moniz da Maia

Instagram: @ninamonizdamaia

We recently discovered this brand on Instagram, and we are in love! The bags are made in Portugal (in the north of the country) and by hand. From the cut of the pieces to the final process. Nina (the brand owner) is very nice and will definitly help you if you reach her on Instagram. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Catarina Barbosa Skincare

Instagram: @catarinabarbosaskincare

This is a brand that we discovered last month, and we are so happy. The products are produced in Vila Nova de Milfontes (Portugal) through natural products that are source exclusively from ethical and sustainable suppliers. Each product is rich in botanical extracts, enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins in high concentrations.


Instagram: @monarte_official

Are you looking for authentic pieces and limited designs? Let me introduce you to Monarte. With pieces produced in Portugal, Monarte is known for its collaborations with talented artists, resulting in creative expressions in form of clothes. If this is not enough to convince you, then check out the brand’s website. I bet you’ll surrender to this brand.

e-mail: beautyworkerslife@gmail.com


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