Oscars 2022: The best and worst dressed stars on the red carpet // Collaboration article with Michele Goes Glossy

Hello beauties,

It is natural that after these years you may know us a little better. And I think we have already mentioned that we are two Portuguese girls who met at university and one of the things we loved to do at the time of awards was to comment on which looks we liked the most, as well as the ones we didn’t like. It seems like yesterday that we got together during breaks (or when we didn’t have classes) and went to research the latest red carpet looks! Funny times!

Therefore, this type of post is already a kind of tradition. But this time we have a special guest: Michele! We love to collaborate with Michele, everything flows easily and we find that we have some equal tastes! Take a look at our latest collaboration with Michele, where we styled the same piece of clothing according to our personal style!

And if you don’t know Michele, then you urgently need to visit her blog – Michele Goes Glossy.

This year we have joined all three for a super collaboration, and between us, we have chosen our best and boldest outfits, the ones that are acceptable and the outfits that did not impress us.

Although this year’s Oscars were marked by the sad episode of Will Smith – Chris Rock, this year’s red carpet was marked by glitz and glamour!

This type of event is an opportunity for actors to become movie stars in real life, presenting themselves in high drama customs looks, and we love drama looks, don’t we?

2022’s guests explored modern movie star glamour with outfits that called the past while keeping in step with current concerns, like Benedict Cumberbatch showing his support for the people of Ukraine wearing the nation’s flag on the lapel.

With this post we also hope to show you what we always say – fashion depends on everyone’s taste! Fashion is like that, what one person doesn’t like, the other may love! But what we can’t deny is that this year’s outfits scream elegance and individualism, and should inspire fashion lovers for years to come!

Michele Choices


Jessica Chastain Gucci’s gown dress is stunning! According to what I expect from a red-carpet gown, this is exactly what I have in mind. Jessica looks like a Disney princess, ready to leave everyone breathless. She’s the number 1 best dressed in my opinion in the Oscars, being the best in elegance, femininity, and beauty. The simple, but precise makeup and the hair in a ponytail just added more sophistication to the whole look.

Zendaya’s shirt and skirt from Valentino have a touch of youth, but yet classic. This look is powerful and yet so simple. Zendaya is my second best well dressed look. Her beauty suits like a glove into this two piece gown. Her confidence and sculpted body make it look irresistible.

Ariana DeBose in this Valentino combination of gown and tuxedo is my third choice for best well-dressed of Oscars 2022.  This look is a creation of art that shows that trousers can be chic and feminine on a red-carpet. The fabric, the colour, the cut, altogether are a masterpiece of couture. Ariana DeBose looks “tres chic”.


Lupita Nyong’o Prada dress is an “ok” look for the red-carpet. The fabric and colour call for attention, but somehow make Lupita look older. I think this a dress for a more mature lady that wants to cover all her body. Lupita’s gorgeous body looks entrapped in this “mature” cut designer dress.

Nicole Kidman looks “alright” in this Armani Prive gown. Well, you can tell it’s a red-carpet gown, but she looks like the Oscar trophy statue, in grey though. Something is missing here, some colour, some shape, I don’t know, I just know it doesn’t flatter Nicole as it should.

Amy Schumer’s gown from Oscar de La Renta was so applauded, although for me the bow ruins it. The dress is beautiful, but that bow looks like a Christmas bow. I think a real bow made of silk would have given more elegance instead of a large, embroidered bow that looks cheap.


Kristen Stewart must be the face of change for Chanel with this short’s tuxedo, but a bad change. Chanel for me is synonym of classic and timeless, however this look is so wrong for a red-carpet. Yes, she has beautiful legs, but who wants to wear an “everyday” black short on a special occasion like Oscars, especially when you have an Oscar nomination! It’s good to see attitude and boldness, it takes a lot of courage being different, but I wouldn’t dare look so “down to earth” like Kristen.

Billie Eilish put all the fancy curtains together and decided to come in a costume, representing a crow! She might be the black cat, but in a shape of a human being, to announce you some bad luck. Well, this Gucci’s gown is so mournful that combined with Billie’s face expression, you might think you are watching a funeral instead of a glamourous red-carpet event.

Maggie Gyllenhaal went with Billie Eilish to the same funeral and came back with all the doorknobs on her dress. I don’t get this gown from Schiaparelli Haute Couture. Maggie looks like an inverted lamp, where the light bulb got broken.  I don’t have much to say about it, besides fashion can offer better than this.

Rita Choices


I love glitter! And tulle, but mostly I love to see drama in these events! And I think these three outfits gave me exactly that. Zendaya’s micro Valentino haute couture button-up and silver sequined skirt drew some comparisons to Sharon Stone’s 1998 Oscars get-up. But she looks so chic and beautiful, the truth is that she always looks gorgeous in every event! Somebody give me her stylist number? I am asking for a friend…

Jessica Chastain Gucci’s dress at first look can be too much, but after seeing more up close photos, I found it gorgeous! The details and the drama are everything I want to see in these kinds of events! She came and won an Oscar and was the best dressed for me!

My third pick had to be Lupita Nyong’o. The actress went with a gold sequined gown from Prada that featured pink floral appliques, and sequins strewn all over the garment. The piece also had 3/4 sleeves for a modern finish, and it had matching fringe along the skirt of the dress that added movement to her train, making it gorgeous when she walked! Mean people may say that she looked like an actual Oscar but it’s only rumors…


Lily James has been using a lot of Versace dresses lately, so it wasn’t a surprise when she walked the red carpet wearing a head-turning pink lace Atelier Versace dress. The dramatic accessories added the final touch but it was not enough for me! I blame the shoes. I hate those kinds of shoes!

Jason Momoa ’all black’ look won my heart (well, what look doesn’t look gorgeous on this man?). I love to see classical suits in men and can you imagine he had a surgery on the day prior? Is he still with his wife? I want them to be happy but if he’s alone, he’s welcome in my house!

Vanessa Hudgens amazed us using a Michale Kors dress and a diamond and emerald necklace. She looked sexy and timeless but being honest, I was expecting a little bit more. If we compare it with the look that she wore in the Vanity Fair after party, I have to say that this was a little weak. I need drama!


Billie Eilish won an oscars for the best original song (isn’t it strange that she won an Oscar with a song released two years ago?) but her dress didn’t call my attention. It was too much dress and too much black. She looks like the lost daughter of Morticia Addams! I can understand the idea, but she looks so old in this dress…

Director Maggie Gyllenhaal wore a custom Maison Schiaparelli classic black evening gown with golden ornaments, which went viral for its unique T-shape. You can not believe the amount of memes on the internet about this dress…check it for a good laugh!

Last but not least, Renate Reinsve (don’t know who she is) wore a Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 dress. The dress itself is not bad, it has intriguing elements, including the embroidery, but it’s not an Oscars Red Carpet dress!

Joana Choices


I love Fashion, and I love how Fashion can be so versatile! The movie ‘Dune’ didn’t win the Oscar for best film, but for me, the main characters won the style award. Zendaya was stunning in her Valentino look. It was not an expected look, but Zendaya had already gotten us used to being irreverent but always stylish, and once again didn’t disappoint. 

Thimothée Chalamet called my attention in the first second. I´m not sure why, but I adore his look and attitude. He is really into it. The Louis Vuitton suit with no shirt was perfection on him.

Sofia Carson in a Giambattista Valli Couture gown arrived and showed many experienced actresses how someone should be dressed for the Oscars. The gown was stunning and looked perfect on her. The full skirt with the dramatic arm was in the right proportions, combined with classic makeup. 


Lily James arrived in a Versace gown as expected. But it didn’t disappoint. Her style has been evolving so much and ended on the biggest red carpet of the movie’s world in a classic pink gown with a split and dramatic details that enhance her figure. She paired it with a simple hairstyle and makeup.

Penelope Cruz nominated for best actress, arrived in a dramatic black Chanel gown with a twist. Pockets!! The thousands of details are worth all the hours this dress took to be made. Penelope was classic, chic, and stunning.

Vanessa Hudgens in a Michael Kors dress was for me on point. She was classic, sexy but not too sexy, just enough to enhance her fantastic figure. The dress was perfect and suited her presenter job. Good enough for The Oscars but not too much to steal the highlights of the stars of the night.


We arrived at the end, and I need to say, it was a hard choice to make, because for me I had a lot to choose in this category. I don’t understand, how can someone use the opportunity that has to be in the Red Carpet of the OSCARS, and use something that I’m sure will regret. I am talking but maybe, if I got the chance to be invited, someone would say exactly the same as me.

Red was the color of the night, but if some did it fine, others not so much. It’s the case of Tracee Ellis Ross. This Caroline Herrera gown wasn’t the best for her body. The bustier part was too small and the skirt should go all the way to the floor.

I honestly don’t know who the 2 women in the second picture are or even what they are wearing, but that shouldn’t be allowed for the oscars, or any red carpet. The blue dress may be acceptable as a beach dress…

So what do you think? What was your favorite outfit? Let us know in the comments down bellow.

If you liked this post, we can’t wait for you to see what’s next! Stay tuned on Michele’s blog because there will be a part 2! And this time we will discuss our best & worst dressed in the Vanity Fair after party 2022! And (as always) we have a lot to say about them…

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